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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Program

Our ATSI Programs comprise rehabilitation programs that are offered by our qualified employees in dealing with substanced ependency and mental health issues.

1.0 Djurumin Rehabilitation Program
Djurumin Rehabilitation program is a substance dependencies program offered by FirstCare in collaboration with local AMS (Aboriginal Medical Services) and Worrigee Medical centre. The program has three spheres: Prevention and Early Intervention, Detoxification and Residential programs.

1.1 Prevention and Early Intervention includes:
Assessment of the dominance of substance dependencies in the community Provision of information about substance dependencies and other relevant resources to individuals, families, and community Identification of vulnerable groups who will be the target group for prevention Linking service users with relevant stakeholders Capacity-building in promoting resilience to substance dependencies and increasing coping and stress management skills Capacity-building of people affected or likely to be affected by substance dependency Education of individuals, families and community members by raising awareness about substance dependencies Promotion of a healthy lifestyle for the community. 

1.2 Detoxification
FirstCare has recognised detoxification as an essential process in assisting people with substance dependencies challenges. Detoxification addresses the physical dimension of dependencies. Detoxification benefits our service users by effectively: 

Stemming cravings, as care is supervised administering medication to relieve our service users of any uncomfortable or severe effects of withdrawal, and to temper drug-dependencies impulses providing a person-centred support system that acts as a calming mental, physical and emotional balm when our service users are presented with challenges of coping with the detoxification process.

1.3 Residential program (8 weeks)
FirstCare provides in-patient services – individual and group counselling and other activities designed to assist the emotional healing for a person in recovery.

The program includes:

  • Education-focused group work on issues important for drug and alcohol recovery, such as communication skills, stress management, relapse prevention, relationships and information on the impact of substance use.
  • Trauma-related counselling for individuals
  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Multi-family education groups
  • Consultation sessions with one resident and one family member at a time
  • Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders
  • A twelve-step program for groups wanting to recover from dependencies, compulsion and other behavioural challenges or other behavioural problems.

Sista Gal Program

This program is designed for women who have completed the 8-week residential program and are interested in further behavioural skill development to prevent relapse and prepare for more in-depth therapeutic work. Sister Girl program aims to help women with substance misuse issues who have difficulty with regulating their emotions, behaviour, relationships and sense of self by empowering them to develop ownership of their lives. We also have yoga, art therapy, parenting groups, mindfulness and relaxation groups, along with gentle exercise as part of this program.

The program is drawn from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) which assists our service users and has the following features:

Support-oriented: It helps a participant identify and build on her strengths to allow her to feel better about herself and her life.
Cognitive-based: DBT helps identify thoughts, beliefs and assumptions that make life harder and it helps people to learn different ways of thinking to make life more bearable.
Collaborative: it encompasses group skills such as understanding personal relationships, parenting experiences, and physical and psychological well-being.

Embrace Quality Care will provide a discharge plan and follow-up services. Upon leaving the centre, women participate in a discharge program to assist them in implementing the process of change that they began during their 8-week Residential program.In a conversation with Embrace Quality Care professionals, they identify the specific needs they want satisfied and the attainable goals to achieve them. They are invited to return to Embrace Quality Care to continue with the group for ongoing support if they feel it is helping them.

Aboriginal Culture & Identity Program

Embrace Quality Care offers a service that helps link Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with relevant stakeholders which provide cultural services. We have relevant stakeholders’ resource data, and we can research additional services if necessary for our service users. 

Community Justice Program

Embrace Quality Care supports youth and adult service users diagnosed as having an Intellectual Disability, mental illness, and who have had contact with the criminal justice system.

Through case management and person-centred planning activities, Embrace Quality Care supports our service users to maintain stable and secure accommodation, establish supportive social and community networks, develop independent living skills and maximise the achievement of their person-centred goals.

Embrace Quality Care provides individual support as identified through our service users Individual Plans, including communication and interpersonal skills, social skills and relationships, personal care, community access, financial management and budgeting skills, health and well-being, cultural awareness, leisure and recreation.

Embrace Quality Care assists our service users to comply with bail order conditions and community treatment orders, minimising their risk of re-offending or participating in risky behaviour

Financial and Material Assistance

Are You in Crisis Or Facing Family Difficulties?

Embrace Quality Care offers a range of financial and material assistance to help families experiencing financial difficulties.

Assistance available includes:

  • Budgeting Education & Support
  • Utility Bills Assistance (Electricity, Water & Telstra)
  • Financial Counselling Referral
  • Food Assistance
  • Clothes, Blanket Assistance etc
  • Transport Assistance
  • Prescription Medications
Embrace Quality Care offers Emergency Relief for families experiencing an emergency or financial crisis in the Macarthur region in the south-west of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

Our team will also be able to link you to other services which may be able to help you address any challenges you or your family might be facing during your emergency needs or family crisis.

For more information, please contact us on 1800 571 926.


Lawn Mowing and Basic Gardening Services

Embrace Quality Care offers free Lawn mowing and basic gardening services for seniors and people living with disability in their own homes to take the hassle out of keeping lawn and gardens maintained.

Seniors in the Macarthur region in the south-west of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales who are frail and aged, financially disadvantaged living in their own homes or people living with disability with no support, Embrace Quality Care in partnership with our team of volunteers would get out there and assist them.

This program is open for all eligible service users’ residents in Macarthur region, and basic lawn mowing, and gardening can be requested.

Our team will also be able to link you to other services which may be able to help you address any challenges you or your family might be facing during your emergency needs or family crisis.

 For more information, or to book please contact us on 1800 571 926.