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Embrace a path of growth and empowerment with our Positive Behaviour Support Services at Embrace Quality Care.

Our dedicated team is committed to fostering a positive and inclusive environment by providing personalised strategies that address challenging behaviors while promoting individual well-being and social development.

Key Features

Individualised Behaviour Plans:
We understand that behavior is unique to each individual. Our Positive Behaviour Support Services commence with thorough assessments, leading to the development of tailored behavior plans that address specific needs and goals.

Collaborative Approach:
Embrace Quality Care believes in collaboration. Our approach involves working closely with individuals, their families,
and support networks to ensure a comprehensive understanding of behavioral challenges and the creation of effective

Functional Assessment:
Our team conducts thorough functional assessments to identify the underlying factors contributing to challenging behaviours. This approach enables us to implement targeted interventions that address the root causes.

Skill Development:
Positive Behaviour Support goes beyond addressing challenges; it focuses on skill development. Our services aim to enhance adaptive skills, communication, and coping mechanisms, fostering personal growth and independence.

Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustment:
Progress is continually monitored, allowing for adjustments to strategies as needed. This ensures that Positive Behaviour Support remains dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs and successes of individuals.

Education and Training:
Embrace Quality Care provides education and training to individuals, families, and support networks. This empowers everyone involved to understand and implement positive strategies, creating a supportive environment for behavioral growth.

Promoting Dignity and Respect:
Our Positive Behaviour Support Services uphold the principles of dignity and respect. By focusing on positive reinforcement and empowerment, we create an atmosphere that encourages individuals to thrive and build positive relationships.

Embrace a holistic and person-centered approach to positive behavior support. Join us on a journey where challenges become opportunities for growth and where every individual is supported on their unique path toward positive change.

To make an appointment with a Embrace Quality Care Support Coordinator or Recovery Coach:

If unsure about your plan, consult your NDIA planner or Local Area Coordinator, or reach out to our Support Coordinators for guidance. You can fill out the Embrace Quality Care NDIS registration form or call 1800  571 926.

We’re only a phone call away when you need us.

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