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An NDIS provider that prioritises our participants above all else, ensuring their well-being is the foremost concern.

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An NDIS provider that prioritises our participants above all else, ensuring their well-being is the foremost concern.

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About Us

Embrace Quality Care is a not for-profit organisation and a registered charity in Australia providing a range of support services to support those living in our community with mental illness and disabilities.

Our founding members started at the grassroots and they have vast knowledge, experience and understanding of our services users’ needs and their aspirations. We are motivated by the compelling desire to make a difference in how we deliver support services to our service users.

At Embrace Quality Care, we trust in the personal power and self-determination of our service users and we provide person-centered support services that promote full community participation of our service users.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services from Supported Independent Living to In-Home Assistance. Find out more about what makes us leaders in Mental Health and Disability Services.

Supported Independent Living

Supported Disability Accommodation

Short-Term Accommodation

Support Coordination

Community Participation

Drop-In Support

Why Choose Us

At Embrace Quality Care, our dedicated support team provides personalised services to enhance innovation and ensure our service users feel valued within their communities. We foster their existing skills, facilitate learning of new ones, and create opportunities for them to contribute to their communities. We employ the key worker model to tailor services to individual needs and aspirations, empowering our service users to exercise their human right to pursue meaningful goals and make core decisions that matter to them.

Person-Centred Approach

Embrace Quality Care prioritizes a person-centered approach, ensuring that the services provided are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each individual, fostering a sense of personal connection and respect.

Innovative Service Delivery

Our dynamic and dedicated support team is committed to maximizing innovative service delivery, ensuring that our clients receive cutting-edge and effective care solutions that evolve with their changing needs.

Skill Development and Empowerment

We focus on nurturing inherent skills, supporting individuals in acquiring new abilities, and providing fair opportunities to share their talents with their communities, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-worth.

Key Worker Model Coordination

Embrace Quality Care employs the key worker model to coordinate services seamlessly with our clients' aspirations and individual needs, ensuring a personalised and efficient approach to support and care.

Human Rights & Decision-Making

Our passion lies in assisting service users in exercising their human right to pursue their goals. We place them at the core of decision-making processes, allowing them to actively participate in defining their journey and working on matters significant to them.

Community Integration

By emphasising community participation, Embrace Quality Care facilitates opportunities for service users to actively engage with their communities, promoting social inclusion and a sense of belonging.

Latest News

Registered provider for NDIS.

Embrace Quality Care, is a registered provider of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) to support individuals, families and carriers achieve their needs and maximize their goals to live as independently as possible. The NDIS provides funding and support for people with a disability, giving you the choice of support that you need to achieve the life you want.